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2024 CCYS Symposium Presentations

Presentation Title: Analysis of Caring Communities Youth Survey and Recommended Revisions

Presenter(s):  Dr. Ray Biggar, Picard Center CCYS Project Director


Description:  Dr. Biggar discusses preliminary findings from analysis of CCYS items including readability, redundancy, and content validity. Recommendations for reducing survey length and improving content is also presented.

Presentation Title:  CCYS Modernization and Improvements: Lessons Learned

Presenter(s):  Mary Johnstun, Bach Harrison

Description:  Mary Johnstun, CCYS Administration Project Manager, focuses on how Bach Harrison is addressing common survey concerns in Louisiana and in states across the nation, how similar state-level student surveys are evolving and modernizing, and some of the survey features that might be possible for the 2024 Louisiana Caring Communities Survey.

Presentation Title: Using the Louisiana Caring Communities Youth Survey to Drive Decision Making

Presenter(s):  Dr. Barzanna White, Caddo Parish Prevention Specialist

Description: Without data, it’s just an educated guess! Caddo Parish Schools use the CCYS to make informed decisions about how we utilize funding and prioritize initiatives for each school year. Examples of how we use data to make decisions will be provided along with how we select prevention programs. These decisions also assist our district regarding prevention initiatives and training as well as utilizing the data to secure grant funding.

Presentation Title:  CCYS Website Presentation

Presenter(s):  Brandon Charles, Data Analyst, Picard Center

Description:  The CCYS Website presentation focuses on the newly developed website, created by the Picard Center. We will discuss the target audiences for the website, as well as explore the wealth of information resources the website offers. User-friendly data visualization makes charts and graphs easily accessible.

Presentation Title:  Engagement in the Louisiana CCYS: A Key Asset for Prevention

Presenter(s):  Dr. Kyle Barrington & Ms. Nicole Schoenborn, South Southwest Prevention Technology & Transfer Center

Description: This two-part session focuses on increasing response rates for the CCYS in Louisiana and why its completion by students is important to the state. Participants are given advocacy strategies on how to articulate the survey’s use by partners and in their own organizations. Working in groups, participants have the opportunity to draft a communications plan for their own use with local partners to help articulate messages about the role of data in helping improve the lives of Louisiana youth.

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