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Published Reports

Since 2002, the Cecil J. Picard Center for Childhood Development and Lifelong Learning at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette has been tasked with coordinating, monitoring, and providing technical assistance for survey administration.

In addition, the Picard Center works with OBH on disseminating findings and creating a summary of outcome measures. State, Region and District reports are published on the Picard Center website for public access. Individual school reports require special permission to view. 

Use the interactive map to hover over a specific parish and the tool tip will display the parish name along with the number of surveys completed in the most recent CCYS administration year.  Also, clicking anywhere on the map will take you to the CCYS Parish Reports so that you may see the most recent reports available.  

How to use the Louisiana map tool-tip

Use your mouse to hover over each parish area. When an area is clicked, you'll be navigated to the most current parish report. All data used for this tool-tip feature is aggregated data. Raw data will not be found or released. Tool-tip feature better operates on the desktop version. When navigating from mobile version, press down on your parish until information bubble is shown.


Local Governing Entity

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